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The regulatory bodies concerning trade in various countries consider our platform to be influential with respect to purchase decisions.  We agree with this assessment and so you should know that for some product recommendations we are compensated through a small commission.  We carefully curate our recommendations based on our key audience. You will not see random recommendations for thousands of products or services.  We are careful to recommend only those products and services we believe to have excellent value from a functional or aesthetic perspective.

You should also be aware that in virtually every motion picture and television production there will be hundreds of ‘product placement’ endorsements that are not disclosed while you are viewing the movie or show.  We have designed our platform in tune with our audience and as such it too has a carefully crafted aesthetic congruent theme running throughout.

If you are viewing product reviews in terms of artwork, books, technology or other items and are connected to the merchant where you can get more information and purchase, then you can assume that we may be compensated for that connection should you decide to purchase.  These links are known as affiliate links and connect our site with merchants that we have selected for partnership based on our audience.

Income from these affiliate connections is used to run the site and provide more value back to our audience.

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